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Why Your Church Doesn’t Need a Custom Church App

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Does your church need a custom church app? Probably not.

You’ve probably heard it said before, but I’ll say it again. We’re in the midst of the biggest communication revolution since the invention of the printing press. Just as Gutenberg propelled the written word to become easily accessible by any human almost any place on earth, technology is doing the same today. People have access to more tools and communication than ever before. This includes mobile apps — and a custom church app.

Naturally, churches want to keep in time with this communications shift. So, they ask us about creating a mobile app; an app that users would find in their phone’s app store, download to their device, and use throughout the week. Here’s my take on that idea.

Most of us want our church to embrace technology; we’re tired of being “behind the times.” Even more, we want church members to be able to access the multitude of information, content, and communication available to them from our church. So why not create a mobile app?

Why Your Church Doesn’t Need a Custom Church App


The companies that create and sell mobile apps will — not surprisingly — tell you that a mobile app is a must-have for your church. They’ll tell you that if you want to reach your congregation throughout the week, if you want to embrace changes in culture and technology then an app is a must-have. And they can even give you statistics to back up their claims.