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From Church Juice – Secrets of Great Church Websites

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Each year we at Church Juice create a list with some of our favorite church websites. After looking across the Internet for hours in search of great church websites, here is one conclusion: It’s now easier—and more cost effective—than ever to have a great looking church website. Despite that fact, the vast majority of church websites are in dire need of attention.

Website design is constantly changing. Technology evolves and design trends change. While this is not an exhaustive list, nor are the websites ranked in any order, we encourage you to use these great church websites as you look to update your own church website this year.

From Church Juice – Secrets of Great Church Websites

What you’ll notice in common among great church websites:

Large images and video. Every one of these church websites use large images or videos throughout their website. Imagery is important.

Current. Every website on our list is updated. You won’t find outdated events or information.

No rotating announcements. The day of the marquee image rotator is over. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any current website that uses rotating images to share announcements.