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The Power of ChMS. Taken Further.

The power of ChMS. Taken further.

Your ChMS helps you manage your mission. We help you mobilize it. Aware3 seamlessly integrates with your existing system to:

Engage your people

From interactive sermon notes to check-ins and registrations to podcasts, blogs and more, you’ll be able to expand your reach and engage your members anytime, anywhere.

Inspire Generosity

Knock down transactional and emotional barriers to giving with our range of meaningful, easy-to-use giving tools.

Strengthen Connections

We pave the way for connection by streamlining your processes and communications. Plus, you’ll get real-time user insights so you can understand and deliver what matters most to your members.

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All-in-one. All connected. All you need. Get everything your church needs from one easy-to-use mobile platform. Packed with management, engagement, giving, and communication tools, this church app does it all—and then connects it all for you.