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The Best Security Radios for Churches– 3 Great Options

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Church security is becoming more and more of an issue, and because of that, churches all over the country are opting to improve their security through the use of security systems and by having the best security radios on hand.

These best security radios listed below make it easy for church members and employees to communicate with each other when they are in an emergency situation. This makes it possible to respond quickly to a major problem and to ensure that all employees and congregants are safe.

Because a lot of factors, including communication ability and response time, depend on the type of radio chosen for church security, it’s important for the security team and the pastor to make sure to choose the best option for their church. Having a few different radios to choose from will ensure that each church is able to select the best radios for their use, depending not only on their budget but also on the various features that the different radios offer.

The Best Security Radios for Churches– 3 Great Options

Motorola SL300 – Best Overall

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying This Radio For Church Security?

  • Finding the best overall radio for churches to use for security may seem daunting, but there are a few things to consider that will make the hunt for the best radios a lot easier.
  • Budget – how much a church is able to spend on their new radios plays a huge role in what features they can get when shopping. Setting a firm budget before even looking for new radios will help a church stay under budget and reduce the stress of over-spending.
  • Headsets – communicating with other staff members should be private, which is why it’s a good idea to look for radios that have headsets. In an emergency situation, this can really help to keep people calm, as they won’t be able to hear what is being said and can’t listen in on private information.
  • Audible Prompts – being able to communicate without actually touching the radio can allow church employees to talk to each other in emergency situations. Some radios offer voice announcement audible prompts to allow them to use their radio without actually having to touch it, and this allows employees to communicate even when they are busy.

Why We Chose The SL300 Over Others

Overall, the Motorola SL300 is one of the most portable radio options that churches can opt for, as it only weighs 6 ounces and is light and easy to carry. It features incredible audio quality and the volume can be easily controlled, allowing users to communicate without any problems. The 500 mW audio output combined with the great low-frequency response means that this radio is not only easy to use but also pleasing to communicate on and to listen to.

Users enjoy easy programming and efficient charging thanks to the MicroUSB connectivity of the Motorola SL300. This makes keeping the batteries on this radio fully charged at all times easy so that it is always ready for use. Additionally, the radio boasts dual analog and digital capability. This means that users can easily enjoy all of the benefits that digital radios offer while still enjoying compatibility with other radios that they already have in use at the church. This makes it easy to slowly transition over to using the Motorola SL300 without having to buy all new radios at once, which can be really expensive.

What We Like and Dislike About The Motorola SL300

The Motorola SL300 was designed specifically for use by security teams and offers a ton of benefits for use in a church. One benefit is that this radio is incredibly compact. At under an inch thick, with a stubbed antenna and durable frame, it’s difficult to break this radio.

The Motorola SL300 also features incredibly simple operation with a clear push-to-talk button, ensuring that all users can easily handle this radio.

Additionally, it’s both dust and splash proof. This means that the Motorola SL300 won’t easily be damaged when used in any situation.

The security team leader or pastor can easily interrupt any radio conversation to provide critical information at any time. This ability reduces the stress of not being able to communicate with the team.

There are some cons to using this radio, and one is that it is so expensive. The high price tag can be a turnoff for some churches, although the radio itself is high-quality, and many churches feel like it is worth the cost.

The Motorola SL300 also has a limited display. The character limitation on this radio reduces a user’s ability to quickly check channel information.

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