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The ULTIMATE Guide To Church Stage Lighting Systems

Choosing the right church stage lighting systems for your church can be overwhelming, to say the least. Several considerations will simplify the process for you. Consider these things first:

  • The size of your church
  • The size and shape of the stage or platform
  • What effect are you desiring to create through lighting?

I have experience from the performer’s viewpoint, and I must stress that no lighting should be so intense that the worship team leader, speaker, dancer, actor or artist is blinded by it. This can be extremely disorienting for them and can certainly distract them from their ministry to the congregation.

Every person that I interviewed about the best choices of church stage lighting systems told me the same thing: The industry standard is now LED lighting and it is timeless.

Old school lighting systems were bulky and expensive and in need of constant updating as the trends changed. However, with a versatile LED lighting system your church won’t be influenced by transient lighting trends.

LED church stage lighting systems are by far less expensive than one using traditional fixtures. The lights are cool running and will save money on electricity year after year. LED church stage lighting systems is available for all sizes and budgets. Modest lighting setup can be built for well under $1,000.

Modern fixtures, sound-activated programs, and app-based controls will enable volunteers to get involved in lighting design even without prior experience. You won’t need electrical designers and technicians to get your system up and running…yet another saving!

There are five categories of lights for church stage lighting systems:

  1. Floodlights
  2. Spotlights
  3. Cyc lights
  4. Wash lights
  5. Beam lights

Best Floodlights For Church Stage Lighting Systems

Floodlights are broad-beamed, high-intensity artificial lights that are diffused so as to give a comparatively uniform illumination over a rather large given area.

Floodlights are very similar to wash lights as both perform basically the same function, that being to fill the stage with uniform lighting and color all over. Some of the information for floodlights will be the same as for wash lights.