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Turn Any Screen Into Digital Signage to Drive Engagement in Your Congregation

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Modern digital signage will enhance your congregation’s overall experience by having them stay updated about future services and events, receiving important updates, collaborating and sharing their ideas in social media with other members, among many more benefits.

You can easily turn any TV screen or monitor into a modern digital signage. To do this, we need a digital signage software solution that is reliable and easy to use. Optimally, you will not need any software or design skill to use the software. What you will need to get started is a Smart TV, an Amazon FireStick or a preconfigured device in order to connect the screens to the Internet and start driving better engagement. 

Here are 5 easy ways to start driving engagement in your congregation:

  1. Show up-to-date content. Keep your screens updated with messages like bulletin boards or upcoming events with QR codes where people can RSVP. Display upcoming events in a calendar with apps integrated to Google or Microsoft Calendar.
  2. Show relevant content. Use apps to show the weather forecast in the area and the latest social posts with mentions or #hashtags from Instagram and Twitter. Also, you can add content from many platforms like Google Slides, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  3. Manage your different screens in one place. Keep everything in sync with a central dashboard that allows you to easily manage and switch between screens with images, videos, apps and videos. You can configure the variety of content you have any way you want to. You can also add more users for collaborative work in the platform.
  4. Create custom playlists. In order to manage the schedule of your content, create custom playlists with a variety of screen transitions. Also, you can use a playlist for stopping the content during service to avoid people getting distracted. You can easily set up the hours and days you want your content to appear.
  5. Keep your content fresh. No one likes looking at the same sign each week. Regularly update your content with an online editor using different templates. You do not need design skills. Just choose one template, edit the text, and in minutes you can have it showing on your screens.

And it has so many more uses besides churches. If you own a shop, hotel, restaurant or anywhere you have customers looking at signs, turn them into digital signs to start showing your business in a more valuable way and improve the look of your location.

We recommend Optisigns that offers a free trial here for up to 2 screens. For more screens, it is just $10 per screen per month. Churches have a special offer for 25% off.