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“Deepfakes” Are AI-Produced Digitally Manipulated Media

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With the inception of “deepfakes” only initially occurring in 2017, the precise accuracy of today’s deepfakes proves developmentally shocking. Deepfakes are AI-generated media that have been digitally manipulated to replace one person’s likeness convincingly with that of another. Over the years, deepfakes have often been created and spread across social media impersonating celebrities and political figures with the dubious intention of spreading misinformation and damaging reputations. Examples of digitally manipulated viral deepfakes include high-profile celebrities like: Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Jerry Seinfeld, and Donald Trump.

Digitally Manipulated Media

The Thirtyseven4 EDR Security ThreatLab has seen a noticeable increase in usage of deepfakes in the cybersecurity arena, which reveals one of the most current trends (threats) in online security. Cybercriminals are exploiting advancements in cyber–Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies for evil. Deepfakes are now being created with increasingly convincing accurate-but-counterfeit audio and visual content to impersonate superintendents, pastors, CEO’s, and other business executives. Like phishing and spearfishing scams of old, the recipients of these deepfakes are duped into sharing confidential or financial information because they believe the video and/or audio is of their superior/manager/boss.