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Get in on the Growing Impact of Digital Missions

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A few years ago, when we launched our nonprofit, “The Influence Lab,” our motivation was to change how the Church looks at missions in today’s digital age. Aside from the increasing number of requests the Lab receives to teach and train Christians internationally to strategically use digital media more effectively, investing in digital missions can significantly expand your local church’s reach and impact in a multitude of ways.

The Impact of Digital Missions

1) Global Outreach:

Digital missions break geographical barriers, allowing even small local churches to reach individuals worldwide and spread their message to a broader audience. Today, a single person can force a major corporation to change course through the momentum created on social media. What could that kind of influence mean when reaching the world for Christ?

2) Engagement:

Digital platforms facilitate interaction and engagement. While many traditional churches still refuse to acknowledge this, statistics prove that churches that connect with their congregation more regularly through live streams, social media, and other online channels foster a stronger sense of community. Remember that the largest church in America (Life.Church in Oklahoma City) has invested heavily in digital outreaches and shows no signs of slowing down.