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A Key Component of Thankfulness: Joy

He’s on the Throne

We often lose sight that God is in charge of everything. That means the bad day you are having was designed by God for your benefit and His glory. It is not a random occurrence but rather a divine appointment orchestrated by the King of kings. Are you focused on learning what God wants you to learn and are you grateful for the opportunity or are you wallowing in your own despair? God has numbered the hairs on your head — granted for me [there] isn’t many — but if He can keep track of the many or the few then I can be thankful for the situation He ordains for me. Doing what the King wants should bring joy whether easy or hard.

Keep Eternity in Mind

While we may be caught up in the here and now, we should remember that the here and now is nothing compared to eternity. The job you are not thankful for or the situation that robs you of your job is temporary, and won’t last. How you respond to that situation will last. As God gives you opportunities to show thankfulness to Him, and to others, do you take it with eternity in mind or is the traffic jam you are stuck in or the computer that won’t boot zapping your joy because you are focused on the temporal and not the eternal?


My encouragement for all of us, no matter our role in ministry, is to work hard at being joyfully thankful. Start thinking now about how you will show joyful thankfulness this holiday season if the turkey is too dry or no one made your favorite dessert. What will you do when your family gathers to argue politics while looking at their screens? How will you encourage those around you to not only be thankful but to have a thankful spirit laced with joy?

It is good for us to focus on thankfulness this month. Let us also focus on being joyfully thankful all year long.

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Jonathan Smith is the Director of Technology at Faith Ministries in Lafayette, IN and the President of MBS, Inc. He is an author and frequent conference speaker. You can reach Jonathan at jsmith@faithlafayette.org and follow him on Twitter @JonathanESmith.