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Mandisa Shares Battle With Suicide on GMA: ‘God Saved My Life Quite Literally’


After her close friend and backup singer, Kisha, lost a battle with cancer, popular Christian artist Mandisa spiraled into a three-year-long depression. On Good Morning America on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, Mandisa confessed she almost took her own life due to her mental state.

Fans noticed Mandisa went into seclusion following her wildly successful Overcomer album. The album was named for its feature song, which turned into somewhat of an anthem for Mandisa’s friend Kisha. In a candid interview with GMA host Robin Roberts, Mandisa says not being able to handle her depression derailed the weight loss journey she was on as well as drove her to consider taking her own life.

“I was this close to listening to that voice that was saying, ‘You can be with Jesus right now Mandisa, all you have to do is take your life.’ It almost happened. But God, He stepped in and saved my life quite literally,” Mandisa explains in the interview.

Roberts is quick to point out the transparency Mandisa displays: “Allowing yourself to be transparent—you’re letting us in.” Mandisa’s transparency is evident in her new album as well, titled Out of the Dark, which releases May 19.

The song Mandisa performed on the show is called “Unfinished,” and as the singer explained in the interview, it highlights the fact that “I realize I don’t have to be perfect and have it all together. That I’m a masterpiece in the making—I’m just unfinished for right now.”

Mandisa credits the intervention of a group of friends that she had shut out in her depressed state with helping her get to a more healthy mental state. The actions of her friends caused her to get the help she needed.

In response the question, “But you’re at a good place now?” Mandisa says, “I’ve never been better.”