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President of Proverbs 31, Lysa TerKeurst, Ends Her Marriage of 25 Years Due to Infidelity and Substance Abuse

Lysa TerKeurst
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Lysa TerKeurst is the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and a prolific author whose books have helped many women study the Bible, find contentment in Christ and fight for their marriages. However, an announcement posted to her blog on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, left many shocked: TerKeurst has made the difficult decision to “pursue a divorce.”

“My husband, life partner and father of my children, Art TerKeurst, has been repeatedly unfaithful to me with a woman he met online,” TerKeurst writes in a post titled “Rejection, Heartache and a Faithful God.”

Acknowledging the fact that she has helped others in their marital struggles through her position with Proverbs 31 Ministries, TerKeurst writes, “I’ve always encouraged women to fight for their marriages and to do everything possible to save them when they come under threat.” TerKeurst took her own advice with her personal situation, citing her attempts to fight through fasting, prayer, seeking counsel and engaging in “intensive therapy” with her husband.

Despite her repeated efforts to forgive her husband and accept him back since discovering his infidelity 18 months ago, TerKeurst says “he has continued to abuse substances, be unfaithful and refused to be truthful” to her and her family. She has come to the conclusion that despite her attempts at reconciliation, her husband has “abandoned” the marriage.

Concerning her work with Proverbs 31, TerKeurst plans to take a season of rest and seeking healing through counseling, then get back on the ministry horse, so to speak. She is determined “not to let darkness win here,” despite her thoughts of giving up.

In conclusion, TerKeurst simply asks her readers to pray: “Pray for my precious children and grandchildren. Pray for me. Pray for our team at Proverbs 31. And yes, please, please pray for Art.”

TerKeurst opened what must have been the most difficult blog post she’s written with this line: “No person’s rejection of me can ever exempt me from God’s love for me.” We certainly hope TerKeurst feels this to be true as she takes a season of rest and grieves the loss of her marriage.

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