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“Skip Church This Easter” Billboard Attracts Unchurched People in Detroit

Skip Church This Easter

“Skip Church This Easter” is the headline that has captured thousands of people’s attention in the Detroit area. Ward Church in Northville, Michigan, has capitalized on Easter falling on the same day as April Fool’s Day with three attention-grabbing billboards in western Wayne County.

It’s a surprising message with a picture of a goofy looking guy with pink bunny ears. And it’s working. Close to 4,000 drivers have visited the website skipeaster.com to learn what it’s all about.

And strategically on that website, Ward Church has this message:


Oh no! Our Easter ads were HACKED by the April Fool! That guy is always up to no good…especially when Easter Sunday falls on April 1. 

Maybe we should change our password? Or freeze our credit? Or maybe we should just tell you what we really wanted to say…

The truth is, we REALLY DO want you to join us at Ward Church in Northville this Easter. We have an incredible weekend planned and we can’t wait to welcome you.

Of course, the website has all the appropriate information: directions, times and more. They even offer a gift to first-time guests. And end with this:

So don’t skip church. Come to Ward this Easter and tell that April Fool to hop along.

Clever! Ward Senior Pastor Scott McKee told the Detroit Free Press that “just as Jesus did some unexpected things after His resurrection, we thought something unexpected was appropriate. Easter being on April 1 provided a chance to do it. Of course, we want people to join us on Easter.”

Church communications team of Emily Germain and Jeff Mitchell came up with the creative marketing idea.

“We’ve been pleasantly surprised with the traffic and interaction of this SkipEaster.com site,” Germain told the Detroit Free Press. “We’ve had a few webforms submitted. The people responding are those who may not have been inclined to visit a church website.”

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