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Last Minute Easter Resources You Can Use NOW

Easter Resources

We need Easter resources now! Anyone who’s on staff at a church knows precisely how many days are left before Easter. For churches, Easter is the biggest deal on the church events calendar. Arguably, it’s also the biggest deal on the world calendar, which is why we are so eager to share our Easter celebration with the world!

We know you’re probably far into your yearly Easter prep, but we wanted to share some resources that will still prove helpful as you put the last minute touches on your programming this year. (Plus, if you’re a little behind the Easter power curve, these Easter resources definitely help you!)

Easter Resources for Families

While a lot of emphasis is put on connecting with guests at Easter (rightfully so!) sometimes the members of your church can feel a little overlooked if you spend the weeks leading up to Easter asking them to be friendly and smile on Easter Sunday and don’t also communicate how they can do things like celebrate Easter in their own families.

For families with little ones, check out Christina Embree’s simple Easter scavenger hunt.
Easter Scavenger Hunt for the Family
Top 10 Easter Traditions for Families to Try This Spring

Easter Resources for Children’s Ministry

Easter Resources for Children's Ministry

Easter is a big deal for children’s ministry. It may be the ministry affected most by the influx of visitors to your church. Between the Easter Egg Hunts you’ve doubtless already thought about and are putting the final planning touches on to the extra craft supplies you’ve gathered to your follow up plan after those wonderful guests leave the Easter service, there’s a lot going on.

6 Faith-Focused Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids and Families

10 Eggscelent Easter Puns That Will Crack Your Kids Up

Free Printable: “Happy Easter” Coloring Page

6 Secrets to Effective Easter Follow-Up

Easter Resources for Worship MinistryEaster Resources for Worship Ministry

At this point, your worship pastor already has the set list chosen and the choir prepped, but they may not have their slides or graphics ready for the big day. Here are a few to choose from:

Free Graphics Package: “Celebrate Easter”

Free Graphics Package: Easter Collection

Free Series Graphic: Easter

Easter Resources for Youth MinistryEaster resources for Youth Ministry

Your youth pastor is always looking for ideas to help teenagers own their own faith, and Easter time is no different. This free devotional will help teens really think about the message of Easter and the effect it has on our lives.

Free Youth Devotional: 10 Easter Devotions

Easter Resources for Small Group MinistryEaster Resources for Small Group Ministry

A small group is a great way to get people plugged in to your church who are interested in Bible study, looking for community, or trying to figure out what it’s like to be a Christian. For those guests who are eager to go a little deeper, consider a special small group curriculum geared for newcomers:

5 Great Post-Easter Studies

Post-Easter Resources for Everyone Who Ministers

After the last guest has gone home, you’ve cleaned up the sanctuary and the children’s room, it’s time to take a much-needed break. At that point, however, you will be tempted to reply the entire week leading up to Easter—the wins, the losses, and just all the stuff that happened. Before you do that, read this article:

3 Dangers the Day After Easter

Follow up with the visitors who came to your church is going to be key. You’ll find some excellent ideas for follow up in this eBook:

Your Free Guide to Easter Outreach and Follow Up Strategy

Finally, another important part of pulling off big events such as Easter is to take the take to reflect on all the ministry your team did, all the lives you’ve impacted, all of it. As the adrenaline makes its way out of your veins, take a minute to laugh, too. Rarely does everything go off without a hitch, but sometimes those hitches can be really funny. It’s good to laugh at yourself every once in a while. Keeps you humble.

Pastors on Easter Be Like…

Happy Easter!