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Dear Critic, It Was Just a Joke

“The anger makes no sense. He now represents every boss that fired you, the dad that left you, a boyfriend that cheated on you. He is kind of every bad thing. I’m like, ‘Y’all don’t even know him.’”

And Crist doesn’t think Christians are immune to the anger; in fact it might be even more obvious in what they accept and reject and what they’ll allow him to make fun of.

“The problem with many creative endeavors by Christians is people say, ‘If it’s Christian, we have to love it.’ We have to go to the movie or support the band, even though they may be terrible. Inversely, when they decide it’s not Christian, they shut it out. I’d rather have folks decide for themselves, rather than spoon-feeding them.”

But Crist says he loves what he does in spite of the early flights and the criticism. “Laughter is good medicine. The joy of the Lord is our strength. The more sadness and depression people face, the more we need comedy… Sometimes we middle-class Christian people just need to loosen up.”

You can watch some of Crist’s video’s here.

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