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This Is Why the AGT Judges Can’t Stop Praising Michael Ketterer

None of the Ketterers’ adopted children had an easy life before coming to live with them, but even in this sad fact, Ketterer feels God’s heart and message in his children’s lives. “I believe that’s really who our father is. He’s not afraid to get down in the dirt with us. Matter of fact, he sent his son to be just like us to experience all our same issues and see us healed and set free,” Ketterer explains in the video.

Tonight’s Michael Ketterer America’s Got Talent Performance

As far as the competition is concerned, Ketterer says he “couldn’t have done it without my wife. She is one of my greatest supports.” On his social media pages, Ketterer admits he is very nervous about his upcoming performance.

Ketterer posted on his Twitter account that he will be performing this evening, September 4, 2018. He asked his fans to please tune in and vote for him.

As for Cowell, he makes no qualms about the fact that he wishes Ketterer will do well and the fact that he is moved by Ketter’s voice. “He’s a really genuine, nice guy and I really want him to do well from this.” When asked what she would say if given the chance to meet Cowell, Sophie says, “[I would say], ‘Thank you for seeing the talent in my dad and [giving him the chance] to show it off.”

If he wins, Ketterer has said he will use the money to buy a house that is more handicap-accessible for his son, Rodee. As far as his singing career is concerned, though, Ketterer says he is ready to “take this as far as I can.”