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Watch Josh Harris’ Documentary on the Flaws in His Most Famous Book

We also need to normalize having conversations about sex and romantic relationships. The church tends to be uncomfortable with making space for people to wrestle with difficult issues. However, this freedom to question is essential to helping people grow in love and wisdom in any area of life. As we wrestle with what relationships look like and how to live out our sexuality, it’s important that we pursue dating well, even though it’s messy and doesn’t fit into a neat formula.

While we should not throw out sexual boundaries, it’s crucial that we don’t let fear or legalism drive us. Otherwise, we will inhibit our ability to have relationships. We must see singleness as a good and high calling. And always, we need to have grace for each other.


It takes courage for someone to admit he is wrong, especially when his actions have so publicly affected countless people. At the end of the documentary, Josh Harris offers an apology to those he has hurt:

I want to say to anyone who was hurt by my book that I’m so sorry. And I know that that’s coming too late. I know it doesn’t really change anything for you, but I never meant to harm you, and I hope that somehow me going back and evaluating all this and owning up to mistakes in my book will somehow help you on your journey.

It is easy to be discouraged about the state of modern dating and to point the finger at those who were, at least in part, responsible for it. But our ultimate happiness has never depended on attaining a successful romantic relationship. And nothing in our lives is ever beyond hope. As one girl Harris interviewed says, “Jesus is bigger and Jesus is better and Jesus redeems.”

It’s not as though what has happened is unimportant. It matters, and we need to wrestle through these issues well. But Christ, who conquered sin, shame and death on the cross, is the one who has the power and authority to redeem our brokenness. He is for us and He is faithful.

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