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Chinese Scientist Shocks World With Genetically ‘Edited’ Babies

There is concern within the scientific community that He’s experiment will take a serious toll on this area of research.

Because it allows scientists to make exact genetic changes, CRISPR could be revolutionary in its ability to eliminate diseases. People are also concerned, though, that the technology will pave the way for people to create the genetically “ideal” human.

He Jiankui defends his actions by saying that there are risks when people take pills long-term for HIV and that many who have the virus are discriminated against. He also said that in 2017, the National Academies said it was ethical to use gene editing for “vaccine-like disease prevention.”

He’s actions, according to Marcy Darnovsky and Katie Hasson with the Center for Genetics and Society, are “reckless” and constitute “a grave abuse of human rights.” He, however, who is the father of two girls, believes his work is necessary for helping families.