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Separating Myth From Truth in the Generations

Gen Z

Gen Z’s parents are Gen Xers or older Millennials who largely decided to raise their children differently than they were raised. This generation is very practical with their money because they saw their parents struggle during the recession. In fact, Dorsey predicts some Gen Zers might leapfrog some of the Millennials who tend not to be as practical with their money. 

How to Lead a Millennials and Gen Zers

Dorsey concluded his talk by offering tips on leading the largest generation currently in the workforce. If you want to lead younger generations well, Dorsey recommends following these guidelines:

Provide specific examples of the performance you expect. You might need to do this in video format.

Most leaders give instructions in a linear format, but Millennials and Gen Z largely don’t think about tasks in a linear format. These groups want to know the end first. Dorsey gave the example of a young person getting a new video game and reading all the cheats and clues to get to the end of the game, then going back to the beginning and playing it without the cheats.

You have to provide quick-hit feedback. Other generations were taught if your boss is talking to you, you’re doing something wrong. Millennials feel if your boss is not talking to you, you’re doing something wrong. Dorsey recommends giving praise or correction quickly after the incident occurs and to keep it very succinct and then to move on.

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