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Top 50 Quotes From Global Leadership Summit 2019

Global Leadership Summit 2019

Craig Groeschel 

“Leadership is influence, and everyone has influence.”

“Perfection is often the enemy of progress.”

“If you commit to your what and you’re consumed by the why, you will figure out the how.”

“If you’re not dead, you’re not done!”

“Knowledge leads to conclusions while emotion leads to actions.”

(You can read more about the talk Groeschel gave at GLS here.)

Bozoma Saint John

“If we’re really going to change the way culture is, it’s not leadership…it’s up to us.”

“I think we need to give people the ability to come into our circles and know the full story of who we are.”

Ben Sherwood

“The greatest swordsman in England isn’t afraid of the second-greatest swordsman in England. The greatest swordsman in England is afraid of a farmer with a pitchfork because a farmer with a pitchfork has nothing to lose.”

“There is a high correlation between the quantity and quality of ideas.”

“No matter how hard you get hit, if you maintain your point of reference, you stay on course. It’s when people lose their point of reference as leaders that they get lost.”

“Faith is probably the most powerful survival tool and one of the most important leadership tools as well.”

Liz Bohannon

“Mastery and expertise aren’t actually the end goals for a leader. The goal is to be moving through the cycles of learning.”

“You don’t ‘find your passion’…but you can build it.”

“Each of us is terribly broken and brilliantly bright.”

“The role of a leader is not to be the hero of anyone’s story but to inspire and equip others to be the hero of their own stories.”

“When I made the dream as small as it could possibly be, I became a doer instead of a dreamer.”