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Wilke: Scripture on Homosexuality ‘insignificant’ in the Grand Scheme of the Bible

Jesus Championed Kindness and Acceptance, Wilke Notes

To wrap up his biblical arguments, Wilke points to Jesus’ deliberate focus on “marginalized” people. During his ministry, Jesus “upended all convention” by embracing the demon-possessed, prostitutes, lepers, and Samaritans. “The hatred and condemnation of others all seems to be the very opposite of both the action and the teachings of Jesus,” says Wilke. “He laid the groundwork for the church to accept Gentiles” and repeatedly “placed kindness and acceptance over custom and social norms.”

Wilke’s conclusion comes in the form of a question: “If we are to be Christ’s followers, how can we reject the LGBT community in the light of Jesus’ ministry?” Because Jesus is the Word made flesh,” Wilke says, “he is Lord, even of the Bible.”

The bishop adds that he’s “not condoning sin,” saying he realizes “sex, like fire, can do a lot of harm and a lot of good.” But based on his family’s experiences and his biblical knowledge, Wilke says that “Christ Jesus can capture the heart of anyone—gay or straight—and lead them into faithful, stable, and loving relationships.”

Wilke’s video is sparking debate on social media, with some people thanking him and others criticizing him. “Whenever sin comes to a pastor’s home, suddenly there is a re-evaluation of scripture,” reads one Facebook comment. Another reads, “Knowing and loving someone who is LGBTQ changes hearts and minds. I am thankful for the ministry and witness of the good bishop.”

You can watch Wilke’s video below:

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