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Sign of Hope: Central Park Field Hospital to Close in 2 Weeks

Grateful patients have also been expressing their thanks to those who worked so hard to save their lives.

An article by Religious News Service highlighted one New Yorker who probably wouldn’t be able to sign the organization’s statement of faith in good conscience, yet is grateful for the work they are doing. Volunteer Whitney Tilson has been helping Samaritan’s Purse by doing things like hulling mulch, picking up snacks for workers at Costco, and donating thousands of dollars worth of goods toward the effort. “I have no doubt they are delivering world-class critical care to my fellow New Yorkers stricken with COVID-19,” Tilson told reporters. “Every single person I’ve met has been a genuinely nice person and very competent and good at their job.”

In total, the emergency hospital will have treated 315 patients over the course of about six weeks. Additionally, the U.S. Navy Ship Comfort, which had been stationed in New York’s harbor to buoy the overtaxed health care system in the city, left port on Thursday. The fact that the ship and the emergency field hospital are no longer needed indicate New York has seen the worst stage of this pandemic and is hopefully on the mend.