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Christian Recording Artist Calls Out Non-Mask Wearers After Aunt Dies From COVID-19

Nichole Nordeman Christian Recording Artist Calls Out Non-Mask Wearers After Aunt Dies From COVID-19

Nichole Nordeman is taking to social media to call out those who defy guidelines to wear a mask and avoid physical gatherings after experiencing a personal loss due to COVID-19.

The Christian musician posted on Twitter last Friday November 20, 2020, that her aunt had passed away after contracting COVID-19. Nordeman is a Christian contemporary recording artist and four-time Dove Award winner, including 2003 Female Vocalist of the Year.

Nordeman tweeted that her “aunt was diagnosed w/ Covid this morning in her living facility and passed away 8 hours later, before my mom could even get there to pray through the window. 8 hours.”

The Christian singer-songwriter told all those who would see her social media message that she isn’t happy with non-mask wearers. She said indignantly, “But please tell me more about how wearing a mask is such an assault on your rights. Tell me about all your big offended feelings that the government is trying to control your life, your faith, your freedom and worship.”

Nordeman, speaking to those who care more about freedom than their neighbor, said I have run out of incredulity and disgust.”

Thank you to everyone who is diligent, caring and loving your neighbor by doing everything possible to slow the spread of this monster,” she said to those wearing masks. Nordeman also thanked the health care workers who have had to become family members, chaplains, and companions due to family not being allowed to be with loved ones as they recover or pass.

Praising the health care workers, she made this heart-wrenching comment about what they are doing, “Delivering our loved ones straight into the arms of Jesus time and again. Bless you for this sorrowful gift.”

Nordeman Is Critical of Churches Gathering in Large Worship Spaces

From the start of the COVID-19 virus, Nordeman has been vocal about those defying government orders and recommendations. In March she posted:

If I see one more quote from members and pastors of large churches in my community (who are still gathering), and have decided that they are ‘covered by the blood of Jesus’ and ‘Satan ain’t gonna win by keeping me away from the house of God.’ Let me remind you that God’s presence has never been and never will be contained in a building. We have the blessing of advanced science and leaders in the medical field who are appealing to the BRAIN that the same Sovereign God put in your skull, for the purpose being actually used in this moment. Leaders, you are charged with shepherding your people well. Do your job. Communicate hope AND reality. The blood of Jesus still covers you at home where you can submit to restrictions and guidelines that (gasp) know more about this pandemic than you. Love your churches well by leading them in truth. Continuing to gather in large worship spaces is not standing your ground against Satan, it’s choosing not to love and protect the most vulnerable neighbors in your flock. Fin.

In September, she posted a reply to a tweet from worship/protest leader Sean Feucht’s social media video posts that read “WE’RE NOT BACKING DOWN CHICAGO!!! Don’t cancel the miracle your city needs!!! @LoriLightfoot LET US WORSHIP.”

Nordeman said: “I am weary of fabricated ‘persecution’ narratives. I bet these brave & busy officers were needed elsewhere in Chicago today. Worship doesn’t require self orchestrated chaos. God isn’t extra glorified because you won’t back down in ALL CAPS. Also you can’t cancel miracles.”

Just recently in a Twitter post in October, she asked her followers, “Why must a Christian sacrifice their brain on the altar of belief? God created both to live in tandem not tension.”