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Max Lucado Says Breakthrough COVID Infection Is ‘A Case Study on the Power of the Vaccine’

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Earlier this week, Max Lucado revealed he had tested positive for COVID-19, despite receiving two doses of the Pfizer vaccine this spring. The 66-year-old pastor and bestselling author, who’s in quarantine at his Texas home for 10 days, describes his symptoms as like having “three cases of the flu.” But he’s grateful he’s not experiencing breathing problems, and he’s using the unexpected down time to intercede with God for other people.

On July 25, Lucado posted on social media: “Groan. Covid found me. Tested positive yesterday. … Yuck. Still- there is reason for thanks. Good docs. Amazing wife. I’m at home instead of a hotel. My dog likes me. Though miserable, the misery would have been worse with no vaccination. So doing my best to count blessings. Help me put this time to god [sic] use- how can I pray for you? Heaven knows, I’ll have the time to do so. Post any prayer needs and I’ll gladly pray on your behalf.”

So far, more than 11,000 Facebook users have wished the pastor well, with many taking him up on his offer to pray for their requests.

Max Lucado Preached and Shook Hands on July 18

In an interview with the San Antonio Express-News, Max Lucado describes shaking hands with worshipers after the July 18 service at Oak Hills Church, where he serves as teaching minister. Three days later, he began experiencing mild cold symptoms, and by the following Sunday he told a reporter, “I don’t think I’ve ever been this sick.” Although Lucado has Type 1 diabetes, he’s generally healthy and active.

When the pastor went to urgent care, two younger patients in nearby waiting rooms were “coming undone” with severe COVID symptoms, he says. A doctor told Lucado the only thing that set him apart from the others, who were being sent to hospitals, is that he’d received shots. “I know it gets political,” says Lucado, but “this is a case study on the power of the vaccine.”

In San Antonio, which is experiencing another COVID surge, health official Dr. Anita Kurian says breakthrough cases aren’t unusual but tend to be milder or even asymptomatic. They’re occurring, she adds, because vaccination rates in the area are low and because about 100,000 Bexar County residents never returned for a second shot.

Despite Dashed Plans, Max Lucado Says God Is Good

Instead of quarantining, Lucado was supposed to be on an “epic golf trip to Ireland” with friends, describing it as “a trip of a lifetime.” But he has another vacation to look forward to: an upcoming trip to Mexico with wife Denalyn to celebrate their 40th anniversary. (She has tested negative for COVID.) Meanwhile, Lucado writes, “Our good Father can’t catch Covid. I’ll hang out with him.”

While he recovers, video messages recorded prior to his diagnosis are being posted to his social media accounts. In them, Lucado addresses the topic of anxiety among young people and plugs his new book “Anxious for Nothing: Young Readers Edition.” He collaborated on this edition with Andrea Lucado, one of his three adult daughters.