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Texas’ Sex Change Surgery Decision Is a Small Win for Nine-Year-Old James Younger

James Younger was then seven years old, and that month his father won a small victory in a bitter custody battle. However, as of August 3, 2021, Georgulas has gained sole custody of James and his brother Jude. Jeff Younger’s website, Save James, which was referenced in the original ChurchLeaders article, has since been shut down due to a gag order.

The “Save James” Facebook page is still active, however, and the page celebrated Texas’ decision as even as it lamented the Youngers’ situation:

This should have been done years ago, but we are here now. What has it taken to be given this glimmer of hope?

James and Jude have been subjected to years of confusion and family court. They have traded their precious childhoods for the sake of the same adults who are supposed to protect them waking up and realizing that what is happening to kids is wrong.

James and Jude can no longer see their Daddy. They have to wait until the adults decide whether Jeff has the right to see their smiles and hold them tight. How long will they wait? That answer is unknown.

We ask for your prayers. That the boys know just how much Jeff loves them even though he can’t tell them through FaceTime. That our leaders have the strength to say, “Yes, altering a child medically and grooming them into this delusion socially is abuse.” Pray for everyone involved in this case no matter who they are.

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