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Memorial Celebrates the Life of Luci Swindoll on the Day of Her Birth

“But I think perhaps the thing that touched me most,” said Walsh, “was her life message of the grace of God. Luci was soaked to the skin in the grace of God.”

“Her flair for life ignited the dry kindling within me,” said Patsy Clairmont, another Women of Faith team member. Clairmont described Luci as “a first-class confetti-filled celebration.”

Luci’s brothers, Orville and Chuck, shared about their sister’s upbringing and accomplishments. “She was literally one of a kind,” said Orville. Growing up, he and Luci had their “differences and our spats,” but as adults they made beautiful memories together. It was Luci who introduced Orville to his wife, which was “the greatest favor she could ever have shown me.”

Near the end of the service, Chuck described his last moments with Luci over Zoom before she passed last October. Her mind and memory had already been declining prior to catching COVID-19. 

Chuck decided to talk to Luci about memories from their childhood in the hope of getting some response from her. But nothing worked—until he began to sing “our song.” When they were younger, the two would sing “You Are My Sunshine” together while washing dishes. When Chuck began to sing, Luci stirred a little. Then he forgot the last line. Luci finished the song for him, singing “Please don’t take my sunshine away,” before drifting off again.

The “sunshine stayed bright on her life,” said Chuck Swindoll. And where his sister is now “there’s no night…the Lord God will be our sunshine forever and ever and ever. We love you, Luci.”

You can watch the full memorial service below:

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