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Jutila Family Faces More Adversity, Requests Prayer for Daughter Karimy Following Accident

Karimy Jutila

Karimy Jutila, the 23-year-old daughter of late children’s pastor Craig Jutila, was seriously injured in a vehicle collision last week while delivering supplies to California firefighters. According to online updates, Karimy is awaiting transport from Redding to Orange County, to a facility with a higher level of care that’s closer to the family’s home.

In December 2018, Craig Jutila, a beloved kidmin leader, died suddenly at age 53 after having a heart attack while snowboarding. Now the family is again asking for prayers—and receiving an outpouring of love and support online.

Karimy Jutila in Serious Rollover Crash

On September 9, Karimy Jutila was “hauling trailers for firefighters to sleep in” as well as four-wheel ATVs. “At some point she lost control and the truck rolled,” notes a CaringBridge page containing updates. “Karimy suffered severe facial injuries, damaged a lung, lost an ear, and unknown brain trauma.”

Yesterday her mother, Mary Jutila, shared MRI results: a traumatic brain injury “in both frontal lobes and in the thalamus” but no intracranial pressure or spinal cord injuries. “Praise you Jesus that it is not much worse,” she writes, adding, “Please pray she wakes up soon” from the coma. “We trust you, Jesus.” Karimy isn’t yet “tracking” with her eyes and still has a drain in her head wound.

Karimy’s mother also shares a photo of the damaged vehicle, noting that “the cage behind the roof saved her from being crushed when it flipped over.” One update notes, “The anesthesiologist just told me she definitely had an angel protecting her and it could have been much much worse.”

When friends recovered Karimy’s belongings from the vehicle, they found her Bible. “So proud of my girl and her deep love and faith in her Savior,” Mary writes. She expresses gratitude for the care her daughter is receiving, including nurses who’ve been playing Karimy’s “Christian playlist from her phone constantly in her room.”

GoFundMe Account Will Help With Long Recovery

A family friend who set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the family writes,If you know Karimy, you know of her dedication to service—especially to the underdogs and those with special needs, her loyalty as a friend, and unmatchable resilience that comes from knowing Christ. We are requesting donations to cover the costs of hospitalization, last minute airfare & lodging for her family, and the very best medical treatment and therapy to aide…her recovery.”

Much-needed contributions, notes the organizer, “will help to ease the financial toll on this family, who also endured the loss of their father and spiritual leader, pastor Craig in winter of 2018.” She adds, “We are so thankful that God spared [Karimy’s] life and have faith that He has great plans for her yet.”

Karimy faces an extensive recovery process but is in God’s hands, her mother writes. “There is a long bumpy road ahead. So glad we will not go through it alone. God is faithful and we trust him. Karimy trusts Him too!” Mary Jutila expresses appreciation for people’s messages and prayers, adding that she’ll read them to her daughter when she wakes up.

On Monday, Mary updated the prayer requests: “Please pray that [transfer] can happen today and that I can ride on plane with her. … Pray for an excellent receiving doctor. And for Karimy to feel peace and calm but wake up. For full healing of her brain and body. And for supernatural strength and wisdom for her family and care team.”

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