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‘Counting On’ Star Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo Was Recently Baptized at John MacArthur’s Church

Being raised in a Christian home, she said she would read her Bible and attend church but didn’t like to do either. It wasn’t until she turned 14 that she came to the understanding that if she died at that moment she was not going to spend eternity with Jesus. After a discussion with her mother, Jinger cried out to God to save her and truly repented of her sins.

“It was amazing that after that time I just saw in my heart a deep love for the Word of God,” Jinger said. “It was like I was so hungry for it. I just wanted to be in the Word and to read the Bible and see what God had to say about everything in life.” She started to then live her life according to God’s Word, not because she had to, but because she wanted to, reflecting her true heart change toward God.

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Jinger explained that she was baptized at 10 before she was “truly saved” at age 14. Clearly stating to her audience that baptism doesn’t save anyone, “Baptism is just an outward symbol of a heart transformation…in God’s Word is says that we are to be baptized after we are saved. It’s an outward declaration of us being buried with Christ, raised, and walk in newness of life.”

“[We] celebrated your spiritual birth and my physical,” Jeremy joyfully recalled. Jinger shared that standing up in front of the church and sharing her testimony before her baptism was “one of the most nerve-racking things” she’s ever done.

The husband and wife duo released a book in May 2021 titled “The Hope We Hold: Finding Peace in the Promises of God” that shares the history of their relationship, the ups and the downs, to share the hope Christ has given them with readers.

Watch Jinger’s baptism testimony below:


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