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Did Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman Affirm the LGBTQ+ Community?

Baldridge Responds to Foreman’s Message to Her

Baldridge expressed astonishment that Foreman responded to her when she shared his video with her TikTok followers. The video has been viewed over 168,000 times.

The LGBTQ+ singer pumped her fist in delight to Foreman’s words and took his response as affirming gay rights. “Jon, I don’t know if you know how meaningful that affirmation was,” she said.

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“I am interpreting what you said as being affirming,” Baldridge said, asking Foreman to correct her if she is wrong. “I would hope that you would clarify, because for many queer people of faith, the bait-and-switch of hearing such encouraging words like yours and then finding out that it means something else can be heart-breaking—but I don’t think that’s you.”

Baldridge thanked Foreman for taking the time to clarify his and the band’s position on the LGBTQ+ community and invited him to come check out a Semler show.