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UPDATE: ‘Dog’ Chapman Has Message for Brian Laundrie Following Gabby Petito Coroner’s Statement

“This would be and could be the perfect spot for him to hide,” Dog told reporters at the search site. “Not too many people out here, but there’s a lot of environmental things that we’re going to fight. So here we go. The search now is really on. The search has just begun.”

In a September 29 tweet, Dog wrote, “Earlier today we launched an active and specific search in a key area based on the intelligence we are receiving and researching. Boat crews and ground teams have been called in and we have search and rescue dogs deployed. More to follow…”


Laundrie is known to have spent extended periods camping in the wilderness. Since joining the search, Dog’s team says it found a fresh campsite in the area where Laundrie may be, including a discarded Monster beverage can. Fox News shared the image in a tweet, but it is unclear that the debris can be linked to Laundrie.

Following a request for comment on Friday afternoon, Dog’s team responded with an update:

  • “The Chapman family has added $10k to the reward monies for information leading to Brian’s arrest.”
  • “As an example of Dog’s cooperation with law enforcement, a plain-clothed office is embedded with the search team today. No other details are available.”
  • “Dog received a tip that placed Brian’s sister, Cassie in Fort DeSoto on September 6th, which seemingly contradicts her previous statement. That information was immediately given to law enforcement this morning. It has been corroborated. No further details available.”

Florida authorities and Dog’s team (833-TELLDOG) are actively seeking tips from the public regarding Laundrie’s whereabouts.


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