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Boy Known As ‘Pastor Caleb’ to Celebrate 10th Birthday With Community Revival

caleb rodgers

A boy from Tupelo, Miss., who has cerebral palsy is holding a community-wide revival for his 10th birthday. Caleb Rodgers, known as “Pastor Caleb,” has developed quite a ministry so far in his young life, and part of that ministry includes writing short, encouraging messages for people on Facebook.

“Slow runners eventually cross the finish line, but only if they keep stepping!” said Caleb in an Oct. 14 message. “Someone needs to understand that you only need never to give up!” 

An encouragement from earlier this week reads: “Place your mountains in perspective of God’s view, not yours! See how small such a large obstacle can become! Those mountains turn to ant hills!”

Caleb Rodgers Is All About Jesus

Caleb Rodgers was born on Nov. 11, 2011, and suffered a brain injury at birth. While he is nonverbal, he is able to communicate by pointing to letters and numbers on a card that his mother, Jennie Rogers, holds for him. 

She told WCBI News that Caleb learned this way of communicating soon after he learned to read. Not long after that, he told his parents he had trusted in Jesus. Said Jennie, “He accepted the Lord, told his Dad (Rodney Rodgers), ‘Daddy I’m ready to be baptized.’ Our pastor said he was the youngest person he had baptized.” 

Caleb started sharing his faith by posting messages on Facebook and even speaking to men at rehab facilities. “He was able to go to recovery places,” said Jennie, “and he would deliver a message so we were able to sit there and they weren’t waiting all day for him to get a sentence out, in ten minutes he had preached a whole sermon to those men.” 

Below is a message Caleb delivered to men at Transformation Ranch, which offers a recovery program for men struggling with addiction, homelessness, and “unmanageable life circumstances.”