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Study: Most White Evangelicals Don’t Want to Live in a Religiously Diverse Country

Almost a quarter of white evangelicals (23%) believe in the QAnon conspiracy theory — more than any other religious group. QAnon believers maintain that the government, media and financial worlds in the U.S. are controlled by a group of Satan- worshipping pedophiles who run a global child sex-trafficking operation.

White evangelicals are also the religious group most likely to say American patriots might have to resort to violence to save the country.

Twenty-six percent of white evangelicals believe that violence may be necessary, and that number climbs to 39% among white evangelicals who believe the election was stolen.

“Those other white Christian groups voted six in 10 for Trump,” said Jones. “They share political partisan views. But they accept the results of the election and they don’t believe we should resort to violence.”

Gerardo Marti, professor of sociology at Davidson College in North Carolina and the author of “American Blindspot: Race, Class, Religion and the Trump Presidency,” said white evangelicals are uniquely uniform in their attitudes. Their religious and political views are reinforced in their churches, parachurch organizations, media outlets and spokespeople.

“What you’re seeing is that they have a way of talking to each other in which they can reinforce a cultural identity that becomes unquestioned,” Marti said. “They’re immersed in it. They bow down to it, even those who aren’t evangelical, like Donald Trump. They can live in a world in which all these things are taken for granted.”

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