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Ahmaud Arbery’s Father Gives ‘All Glory to God’ After Being Removed From Court for Vocally Celebrating Guilty Verdicts

Meanwhile, evangelist Franklin Graham wrote that the verdict is a “reminder that our justice system works.” He added that he’s praying for the Arbery family and for healing in their community and the entire country.

In a May 2020 column about the Arbery killing, Christian ethicist Russell Moore wrote, “There is no, under any Christian vision of justice, situation in which the mob murder of a person can be morally right.” He added, “We also ought to remember that many of our black and brown brothers and sisters were killed by mobs or individuals where there was no video to show anything.”

On his website, Southern Baptist theologian Dr. Al Mohler explores why the self-defense argument failed for the Georgia defendants, pointing to the “very clear” video evidence. Mohler writes that even if human eyes or recording devices don’t capture every unjust act, “Nothing escapes God’s knowledge, and no one will escape his judgment.”

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