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Michigan Church Holds Prayer Vigil After Deadly School Shooting Takes the Lives of 4 Students

LakePoint Community Church Comforts Community

Hours after the tragic event, LakePoint Community Church in Oxford, Michigan held a prayer vigil that witnessed close to 1,000 people attend. According to The Detroit News, the sanctuary was packed, and cars were parked from blocks away to come together and pray.

The vigil, which LakePoint Community Church streamed online, featured multiple pastors from the community sharing scripture, condolences, and prayers for the community.

LakePoint Community Church’s lead pastor Jesse Holt said, “We’re just going to get together to be a community together. To hold each other up, as we are mourning and grieving what our community was yesterday but is no longer. So we need to come together and be together to help one another.”

Holt, whose own children attend middle school, shared how one of the wounded children’s father called him on his way to the hospital and asked him to pray. The pastor explained that his response was one of disbelief that something like this could be happening at one of the community’s schools.

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During Holt’s impromptu sermon, he told those in attendance and watching online that most of them have said, “I don’t understand” why the deadly shooting happened today or why God would allow it to happen. The pastor then offered encouraging words, saying, “If you leave tonight with nothing else, I would pray that there will be a peace that surpasses our understanding. That there will be a peace that goes above what we don’t get.”

At the end of the hour-plus vigil, Holt invited people who wanted prayer to come forward and pray with those who were lined across the front of the sanctuary.

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“Please know that we continue to pray for our community, and we are available for you at any time,” Holt said as he concluded the vigil.

Watch the entire prayer vigil below: