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G3 Ministries President’s Church Leaves the SBC; Beth Moore Jokes She Started a Movement

Tom Buck is Senior Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Lindale, Texas and an outspoken SBC member. After sharing Buice’s article link, Buck shared what he called a “point to ponder,” saying, “@joshbuice is a faithful man who ‘lives and preaches the ever existing Gospel.’ That commitment causes him to grieve over the liberal drift in the SBC. Rather than scorn him as he exits, SBC leaders should contemplate why they’re losing faithful men like Josh.”

SBC pastor Dwight McKissic of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas replied to Buck’s post, writing, “‘Grieve over the liberal drift in the SBC’—I grieve over false accusations. I remain SBC for the reasons JB says he’s leaving. Jesus is liberal in his grace, generosity, & giving. We are to be like Him. The SBC is no where close to being liberal in a classical theological sense.”

Later on, Buck returned to the Buice discussion and indirectly mentioned Beth Moore by posting, “IMAGINE: What would be said if @JoshBuice left the SBC and announced he had become Anglican? All of a sudden, his claim of being a conservative would’ve been mocked by, ‘Yeah, right! What true conservative leaves the SBC to become an Anglican?’ And, of course, they’d be right.”

Former SBC executive committee member, Rod Martinposted, “SBC elitists called us to ‘mourn’ the departure of pro-CRT Ralph West and egalitarian-in-all-but-name Beth Moore. But when @JoshBuice leaves, they voice scorn and attacks on his character. So yeah, there’s your ‘liberal drift’, plain as day. You shall know them by their fruits.”

Buice replied to Martin, saying, “Thx Rod. The SBC has no clue what a resource and faithful statesmen you are to the SBC as a whole. I hope your voice will be heard.”

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Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries and Christian author, James White, praised Buice by writing, “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but @JoshBuice has always been nothing but a focused, dedicated, humble servant of God in my dealings with him. Period. Oh, and a really, really, really hard worker.”

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