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G3 Ministries President’s Church Leaves the SBC; Beth Moore Jokes She Started a Movement

The shift in the culture of an SBC’s institution was evident to Buice during a Q&A session when Greenway asked Litton to address the plagiarism allegations and his answer was not only accepted but applauded.

“We refuse to be associated with a group of churches that elect and support leaders who will not be held accountable for sin,” Buice said.

Sharing that the church prayed for the SBC in the December church meeting where they voted to separate from the denomination, Buice said that they earnestly desire the SBC to repent and change direction, but don’t foresee that happening.

Buice concluded by saying, “I walk away from the SBC without shame. I involved myself in the SBC, attended the meetings, and sought to do my little part in the work of the SBC causes. Now as I walk away, I do so without regret knowing that this decision was not merely a reactionary decision made in haste. The decision was made for the glory of God and the health of our local church for which I do not apologize.”

Beth Moore, Rod Martin, Ed Stetzer, Tom Buck, and Others React

Buice’s statement raised many reactions from evangelical leaders.

Christian author and Uncommontary Podcast host, Marty Duren, said, “This is best for all parties.” Duren’s post started a thread that received replies from both Beth Moore and Ed Stetzer.

Moore replied to Duren jokingly, saying, “I feel partially responsible for these departures. I think they miss me.” In response, Outreach Magazine’s editor-in-chief Ed Stetzer joked to Moore, “Let’s see if they become Anglican. That will prove it.” Stetzer was referencing the recent criticism Moore received from SBC leaders on Twitter after photos of Moore serving communion at her new Anglican church began circulating.

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“Okay, but I don’t know if they will be willing to go to acolyte training with the children like I did,” Moore replied.

BJ Thompson, who is the executive director of Build A Better Us, one of the starters of the “116 Movement” with Lecrae, and who served alongside Bryan Loritts (teaching pastor at The Summit Church with J.D. Greear — an SBC church) to work toward racial reconciliation in Memphis, Tennessee, wrote, “Bruh this is actually wild and confusing. And it’s a reflection of subculture faith, not a larger understanding of the Global church and Ancient faith. I’ve long said they’re baby Believers at best. It’s only bad because they pretend to have the most mature version of the faith.”

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