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Is Belief in God Compatible With Belief in a Multiverse? Ken Ham Answers

“When it comes to questions such as this, what you believe about the past matters!” says Ham, who calls inflation “a rescuing device for the big bang that’s riddled with problems.” It seems that in Ham’s view, the most important point against Sutter is not the evidence he presents, but that he leaves God out of his reasoning entirely.

Ham concludes, “The idea of the multiverse isn’t scientific—it’s a hypothetical suggestion based on a particular view of the past that’s grounded in naturalistic, atheistic beliefs. Instead of trusting man’s fallible Word, let’s trust God’s infallible Word.”

Multiverse vs. God: A False Dichotomy?

It is common for people to pit the theory of the multiverse against belief in God and in particular to offer it as an alternative for explaining the fine-tuning of the universe. However, as Oxford University mathematics professor and Christian John Lennox observes in an interview with the C.S. Lewis Society, we have direct evidence for the fine-tuning of the universe, but no clear evidence of the existence of a multiverse. Elsewhere Lennox calls multiverse theory “the biggest violation of the principle of Occam’s razor we’ve ever seen.”

Lennox says that while he is “not really impressed” by the theory of a multiverse, he believes the idea of multiple universes is entirely compatible with belief in God. “Even if you granted multiverse,” he says, “it doesn’t prove that God doesn’t exist. God can create as many universes as he wishes, as many a philosopher, atheists included, has pointed out.” 

For further discussion on multiverse theory, see the video below. In it, Christian philosopher William Lane Craig suggests that the multiverse is far more likely to be a reality if God exists versus if he does not.