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Well-Known Pastor Draws Criticism for Rubbing Spit on Brother’s Face As a Sermon Illustration

It was then Todd explained that the man on stage with him was his brother, Brentom, and that Brentom had been a willing volunteer. The pastor said that believers need to allow Jesus to have same freedom in their lives that Brentom had allowed to him. 

Michael Todd’s Illustration Goes Viral

Michael Todd’s sermon illustration went viral, and at one point Monday “Michael Todd” trended on Twitter. Todd does have some supporters, but many expressed revulsion at what happened. 

“Mike Todd’s demonstration was a disgusting display of theological and homiletical malpractice,” said Dr. Neichelle Guidry. “But, it was also scripturally inaccurate.” 

When someone pointed out that there was no mud in the account of Jesus healing the blind man, implying that this is similar to what Todd did, Guidry responded, “I think the point of inaccuracy still stands. Jesus wasn’t attempting to make a scene. He was intent on healing a man who was visually impaired, and by extension, overturning an empire that believed such folk were disposable. Todd’s scene has empire written all over it.”

Some have expressed shock that Todd chose to do such a thing during the pandemic, to which one person said, “When it comes to this Mike Todd situation, y’all don’t need to add the ‘during a pandemic.’ It’s never ok and ALWAYS 100% trifling, unnecessary and nasty to spit on someone.”

Michael Todd posted a response to the uproar on Twitter Monday. He said, “I just want to acknowledge what happened yesterday when the spit hit the fan. I watched it back, and it was disgusting. Like that was gross.” The incident “was a distraction to what I was really trying to do,” said Todd. “I was really trying to make the Word come alive and for people to see the story, but yesterday it got too live, and I own that.”

The pastor explained he is passionate about helping people see Jesus’ love and find hope, which is why he went to such lengths in his illustration, but “it crossed the line.” He encouraged people to watch the rest of the sermon and thanked those who have sent him messages and have been praying for him. “Next time,” he said, “I’ll rethink and do something differently.” 

ChurchLeaders has reached out to Transformation Church for comment and will update this article in the event of a reply.