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Sen. Chris Coons: This Year’s National Prayer Breakfast Is a ‘Reset’

“This is the 70th anniversary of the National Prayer Breakfast. Every president has spoken every year for 70 years,” Coons said. “I think that sends an important message: Even in times of difficulty and division, even as the control of the White House and Congress changes party, we can come together in a nonsectarian celebration of prayer in the spirit of Jesus — with people from a wide range of faith backgrounds — and still find time to listen to each other, to respect each other and to pray together.”

Looking forward, Coons said prayer breakfast organizers are in “active discussion about when and how” to restart the gathering’s international component. For now, he’s thankful the event still draws support from many sectors, including his home state: Both Biden and Coons, who functioned as one of Biden’s faith surrogates on the campaign trail in 2020, are from Delaware. Stevenson was born there as well, and Coons said he expects the entire Delaware delegation will be in attendance.

“It is a great day for Delaware,” he said. “I look forward to remaining engaged as the National Prayer Breakfast continues to navigate its next chapter and explore what it should look like as we come out of the pandemic.”

This article originally appeared at ReligionNews.com.