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Headed to the Trucker Protest Blockade, Pastor Artur Pawlowski Arrested Outside His Home

David told Rebel News that he witnessed these type of tactics growing up behind the iron curtain, saying that people need to “wake up or you’re gonna lose everything. Including your health. Including your freedom. Including your life. They’re coming for everything and more. When I was a child, I saw the same thing that I saw right now. The KGB would run and arrest innocent people that were standing the charter of rights and freedom…this is crazy.”

Rebel News also shared the recording of a phone call Artur had from within the jail. The pastor shared with his supporters that he was arrested by the “Gestapo,” condemning government officials for arresting him.

During another call with his son, Artur explained that he has been interrogated. The pastor was charged with mischief, interfering with the critical infrastructure, and not keeping the peace—breaking the bail condition from his September arrest.

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The authorities believe that Pawlowski knows who’s behind the current trucker protest blockade. The pastor says that he isn’t there, doesn’t know who’s behind them, and that they have their own leadership.

“I am in trouble because of my speech to them to hold the lines and because I made that speech telling people to keep hope and not to give up their rights for freedom,” he said.

David posted a video update on Thursday regarding his brother’s allegedly horrible jail conditions.