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Super Bowl LVI MVP Cooper Kupp Shares Vision God Gave Him: ‘I Don’t Feel Deserving of This’

One reporter asked Kupp how the vision God gave him was revealed to him. Kupp answered, “It was just walking off that field. It was as clear as day. I walked off the field, I turned around before walking back through the tunnel, and it just hit me. It was as clear as I can see you guys here right now.” Kupp then emotionally told the room full of reporters that it was “pretty incredible.”

Kupp gave credit to his teammates for all his accomplishments on the field, saying, “You aren’t a successful receiver without all the other 10 guys on the field doing their job.”

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Earlier in the week, Kupp was asked in an interview, “When you think back to the beginning of this year and where you are now, what do you think is the great lesson that God has taught you and shown you when you look at this year?”

Kupp answered, “I think that the thing that He has taught me is that you will find that you are most fulfilled and you’ll find the most joy when you are rooted in your purpose—specifically rooted in His purpose for you. That, to me, has been one of the best things about this year.”

“Beyond all the games that we won, beyond all the honors and accolades, I’ve just had so much fun being able to play this game,” Kupp continued. “My motivation coming in to every single day is to run the race in such a way [that honors] God, and the passions and the talents that He’s given me. And when I’m rooted in that, I’m in a great place. I’m able to play freely. I’m able to love my teammates. I’m able to be a better man, a better football player, a better husband, a better father.”

Kupp shared that even if they hadn’t won a single game this season, it would have still been one of the best years he’s had in football because of the eternal perspective God has given him.