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Good Samaritan Being Called an ‘Angel’ After Rushing Into Burning House to Rescue Sleeping Resident

Ken Andreen
Screengrab via WPXI-TV

Ken Andreen of Pennsylvania is being called an “angel” after saving a man from a burning house fire while delivering meals last Thursday in a Penn Hills neighborhood just shortly after 8 A.M.

Andreen witnessed the flames billowing out of the roof and second-story window while working his job for “Mom’s Meals,” a homemade meal delivery service.

Neighbor Angela Spynda yelled to Andreen from her front door, letting him know that she had called 9-1-1. Andreen asked if there was anyone in the burning house. After hearing ‘Yes,’ the delivery driver sprinted to the front door, ignoring Spynda’s plea to wait for emergency workers to arrive.

Andreen can be heard knocking on the open door and shouting “Hello!” After hearing a response, he quickly approached a man who had been sleeping on the couch. Andreen then picked the man up and threw him over his shoulder.

The neighbor explained that Andreen was in the burning house for a “good two or three minutes.” Spynda’s door bell video camera recorded the entire incident and shows Andreen carrying 45-year-old Carsten Molt out of the burning house to safety.

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“I had to do what I had to do,” Andreen told WPXI News. “God put me in right place at the right time.”

Firefighters said that if it weren’t for Andreen rushing into the house to save the man, the outcome for Molt would have been completely different.

Suffering only from a sore throat, Molt was grateful for Andreen’s heroic actions. “[I] probably would have perished otherwise. I just want to thank him and at some point and meet him,” he said.

Andreen said that “I wasn’t thinking about myself at all. I was thinking about saving the person that was in there.”

“Good Samaritan. I didn’t think we had too many of them out there anymore but we do,” Spynda told WATE News. “He was like an angel.”

Shrugging off the Good Samaritan comment, Andreen doesn’t believe that he’s a hero. “It’s just something [he] had to do.”