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Bobbie Houston Responds to Husband’s Resignation; Houston’s Daughter Says She Loves Her Father

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Bobbie Houston, the wife of Hillsong Church’s former Global Senior Pastor, Brian Houston, briefly commented about her husband’s resignation on Instagram.

Brian’s wife has stood by his side for over 45-years, and his resignation from Hillsong Church this week after the board found that he “breached the Hillsong Pastor’s Code of Conduct” won’t change that.

“I’m okay. It’s been a very cruel week,” Bobbie said. “But I will forever stand alongside the man I have loved and walked with for 45 years. I know his nature and character and integrity more than anyone.”

It is still unclear whether Bobbie will remain Hillsong Church’s Global Senior Pastor and carry that title alone, something they once carried together. Meanwhile, lead pastors of Hillsong Africa, Phil and Lucinda Dooley, were named Interim Global Senior Pastors in January when Brian announced he was taking the entire year of 2022 off to focus on his upcoming trial for charges brought against him, which involved him allegedly concealing information regarding his late father’s child sex offenses.

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Their daughter, Laura Toggs, who serves as a pastor for Hillsong Church’s youth ministry alongside her husband, posted a message on Instagram after Hillsong Church’s board released their statement regarding her father’s inappropriate behavior towards two women.

Toggs posted an image of her daughter next to a coffee mural and wrote, “When you have a platform people grow from your suffering, because with a platform you suffer out loud. When you grieve, you grieve in front of everybody, when you hurt, you hurt in front of everybody. And there is no place to hide…and everyone inspects your wounds.”

“When you LOVE much, you grieve much, and there is no simple way around it,” Toggs wrote. “If we can be constantly humiliated publicly, then I am tempted to express my crushing pain publicly. But today, yet again, I choose to lay my deep anguish at the feet of Jesus, my Jesus who treasures my tears and will eventually heal this wounded spirit.”

Houston’s daughter shared that she chooses “deep compassion” for all the pain because Jesus is our healer. Toggs said she chooses coffee, her baby girl, her mom, a couple of her true friends, her brothers, and her “darling” husband.

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Toggs’ said that she texted her father, “I love you,” a thousand times—like she’s done in the past. She also called her mom the “bravest of the brave.”

Taking the high road is exhausting, Toggs explained, but said that’s what she’s choosing. “[I will] keep my heart with utmost gentleness & humility & grace. Love I choose,” she wrote.