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Caitlyn Jenner Hired by Fox News, Drawing Criticism From Some Christians

Sean Hannity also welcomed Jenner to the “Fox Family,” noting that he and Jenner “go back decades.”

Nevertheless, the announcement has been met with a considerable amount of sharp criticism, both from those who consider Fox News to be a transphobic organization, as well as those who see the hiring of Jenner as an affirmation of Jenner’s gender identity. 

A number of prominent Christian conservatives chimed in with their disapproval. 

“Dear @FoxNews,” tweeted theologian James White. “The moment [Caitlyn] Jenner appears on my screen on Fox is the moment you join MSNBC and CNN. Cancelled. And believe me, I am not alone.”

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“Farewell, @FoxNews,” tweeted Tom Buck, pastor of First Baptist Church in Lindale, TX. The statement was a reference to a now infamous tweet by pastor and theologian John Piper, wherein he bid author Rob Bell farewell from the Christian faith after the publishing of Bell’s 2011 book “Love Wins,” wherein Bell questioned the doctrine of hell. 

“Jenner is male. In English we use ‘he’ for males,” tweeted Reformed Baptist pastor John Carpenter in response to a post wherein Fox News referred to Jenner by a female pronoun. “If you can’t tell the truth about simple biology, how are we supposed to trust you with the news?”

“Fox News just Hired (sic) Jenner and they are calling him a ‘her’ officially,” tweeted Patriot Church pastor Ken Peters. “This is how Satan wins…Narrative. All he needs is a toe-hold.”

In an article announcing Jenner’s hiring at Fox News, Not the Bee said that “Fox is jealous of all the failing media outlets out there and wants some of what they’re all having!”

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“So who’s the target demographic here? Is it the 0.000% of actual conservatives who buy into trans ideology? Is it the milquetoast Never Trumpers who think they saved the Republic by voting out Orange Man Bad? I’m really confused by the business logic on display,” the article went on to say. “Just seems like someone is super eager to flush money down the toilet.”