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Dog the Bounty Hunter Brings Judges to Tears Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ on ‘The Masked Singer’

Dog the Bounty Hunter
Screengrab via YouTube @The Masked Singer

Turns out the Armadillo on this season’s “The Mask Singer” is actually a dog—Well, Duane Chapman whom many know as Dog the Bounty Hunter from his hit reality television show with the same name—a real-life bounty hunter who has arrested over 8,000 fugitives throughout his career.

A couple weeks ago, Chapman performed, for what would be his last performance on the show, the extremely popular Christian hymn “Amazing Grace.”

The hymn that is over 240 years old emotionally touched all five panel judges on the show, most notably Nicole Scherzinger.

A singer, actress, and television personality, Scherzinger was visibly moved by Chapman’s song choice. “You brought out the Scherzi tears, Armadillo,” she said while discussing Dog’s performance. “That’s one of the best versions of ‘Amazing Grace’ I’ve ever heard.”

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Chapman, who shared that he never sings—not even in the shower—was told by Scherzinger that it was the best version she’d ever heard because he “believed it, and so did I.”

Host Nick Cannon told the audience that the masked Chapman was emotional and asked him to share why. “That was my mom’s favorite song,” he said as he choked up.

Another emotional judge, Robin Thicke, shared that he sings that song to his son almost ever night before bed. “Years ago, when I was going through my toughest times—and those lyrics would resonate with me—it was my son and my children that saved me,” Thicke said, telling Chapman he appreciated his song choice.

During Chapman’s behind the scene’s interview, viewers could tell how important and emotional it was to him to be able to sing the song. “For me to be able to sing that song for my mommy—she’s in heaven—it’s just a touching song to me,” Chapman shared.

“I think that God was with me and led me through everything and it is God in ‘Amazing Grace,’” the bounty hunter said.

Chapman revealed to “Hollywood Life” that his song choice wasn’t a mistake, saying, “I am trying to be a Christian. So we negotiated a Christian song and that song happened to be my mother’s most favorite. It really was very emotional for me to show my faith, that Fox is cool enough to do that to anybody.”