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Bullets Interrupt Woman Sharing Gospel on Facebook Live

Loveyd Walker
Screengrab via Facebook @Loveyd Walker

Jacksonville, Florida, resident Loveyd Walker was preaching the gospel on Facebook Live Wednesday night when stray bullets from a street fight pierced through the walls of her home, nearly hitting her.

According to First Coast News, three bystanders were shot outside of Walker’s home while she was preaching on Facebook. An estimated 50 bullets rang out during a street fight that broke out around 8:45 p.m. Stray bullets made their way into cars and homes, one of which was Walker’s.

Around the 33:27 mark of Walker’s live video, the barrage of gunfire can be heard. A startled Walker looks around in an attempt to interpret the noise, which sounds like fire-crackers, when bullets pierce through the walls of her home, sending drywall debris into the air.

Walker leaps to the ground for safety as at least one more bullet can be heard hitting something in the room.

After the gunfire stops, Walker slowly appears back in view of the still-streaming Facebook Live video and immediately calls out the devil for trying to stop her from preaching the gospel.

“Oh my God, they just started shooting,” Walker said into the camera. “Do you see the devil? When you try to do something that has something to do with God and try to expose him, you see how the devil does.”

“He doesn’t know me,” Walker said while clapping, indicating that she isn’t going to stop preaching.

Walker didn’t know exactly what had happened outside, but she knew that someone was shot. “Look! [The bullets] literally came through,” Walker told those watching, holding up a cup that appeared to have been struck by one of the bullets.

“That was crazy,” she exclaimed. She then jumped right back into preaching. “Let’s go back to the Word,” she said, “because who’s not going to stop me—is the devil.”

Still visibly shaken, Walker said, “The devil is so freaking wicked,” sharing that, for a moment, she thought she had been shot.

“To God be the glory,” Walker said, saying that God “curved” the bullets so they’d miss her.

“The devil really thinks that he was gonna stop me from preaching the gospel. Nope. He could have never. He wanted me to get shot for trying to tell his secret. That’s what it was. But guess what? The God that I serve covers me. [Satan], sorry that you don’t know how to cover your people,” she said, referencing the gunmen.

Walker went on to say that the devil doesn’t love you, nor does he care about you.

“Bullets flying in the house. Ain’t afraid to preach the gospel. Ain’t afraid to get up and still preach the gospel. Because the God I serve is not going to let nothing hurt, harm, or endanger me—so to God be the glory,” she said.