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‘Make Women Great Again’ Event To Feature ‘Dear Brian’ Pastor

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Screengrabs of 21Summit trailer via YouTube.

Utah pastor Brian Sauvé of “Dear Brian” fame is set to be a featured speaker in what is being billed as “the world’s ultimate event for women.” 21 Studios’ “Make Women Great Again” conference will be held in Orlando, Florida, from October 14 to 17 and promises to help attendees become “the ultimate alpha female.” 

Standard tickets for the event are $1,299, with VIP access costing $2,299.

In February, Sauvé became the subject of controversy after tweeting: “Dear Ladies, There is no reason whatsoever for you to post pictures of yourself in low cut shirts, bikinis, bra and underwear, or anything similar—ever. Not to show your weight loss journey. Not to show your newborn baby. Not to document your birth story. -Your Brothers.”

Soon after, “Dear Brian” became a trending topic on Twitter, with Sauvé drawing sharp criticism. 

“Oh my gosh I didn’t realize me lying on a hospital bed…holding [my] baby with a makeup + tear streaked face and frizzy hair from the sweat of 2+ hours of pushing, all while marveling at the miracle of new life was so sexy,” responded one woman. 

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“Dear Brian, Learn self-control,” said one man. “Seek help if you can’t see a woman without sexualizing her into some tawdry self-fulfilling scenario. Your Brother Twice Removed.”

Many other women responded by commenting or retweeting Sauvé’s statement with profanity-laced rebukes and/or provocative images of themselves. 

Despite the criticism, Sauvé doubled down.

“Brothers, you have no choice but to live in a world where even some of your professed Christian sisters parade their bottoms and breasts in front of you,” he later tweeted. “I know this is the world we have no choice but to live in, because every time I give commonsense exhortation to Christian sisters concerning modesty—things that would have been uncontroversially obvious to most Christians living prior to the 20th century—the response is absurd.”

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While many found fault with Sauvé’s original statement, others lauded him, including “Grace to You” Dean of Social Media Darrell B. Harrison, who said, “I appreciate your saying this, Brian. You’ll catch some flak for it, but so be it. For whatever it’s worth, in my humble opinion, it needed to be said. Instagram, in particular, has essentially become a soft porn web site.”