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‘Make Women Great Again’ Event To Feature ‘Dear Brian’ Pastor

“You’ve been lied to your entire life about what it means to be a ‘real woman.’ Your friends, teachers, leaders, woke church, and celebrity heroes told you to be a ‘strong independent woman’ and an ‘alpha female,’” the website says. “We’re here to tell you that is all toxic feminist garbage.”

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“Some were well intentioned bimbos and Karens. Many others were poisonous banshees, intentionally robbing you of your femininity, your hopes, your dreams, your babies, and your future,” the site continues.

“Submission to the leadership of a good, solid, alpha male patriarch is the only choice that can unleash your natural femininity, maximum beauty, and ultimate happiness,” the site argues, promising that the conference will help women develop skills to attract “an alpha male,” “get wifed up and knocked up.”

When asked why he has chosen to speak at the event, Sauvé told ChurchLeaders, “I accepted the invitation because I think the Apostle Paul would. Do I agree with everything that will happen there? No. I’m sure there will be many things I object to. Paul didn’t endorse Stoic philosophy by speaking to the men of Athens at the Areopagus (Acts 17).”

“I intend to bring the message of Christ and His Word to bear at the event,” Sauvé continued. “I’d urge you to invite your readers to pray for the pastors speaking at the event, that God might use them to see men and women converted to Christ.”

In a Twitter thread about the event, Sauvé explained that he will not financially benefit from speaking at “Make Women Great Again” and that “for whatever reason, the Lord opened this door. I didn’t ask for this invitation in any form whatsoever. Sometimes, you do things you wouldn’t normally do simply because the Lord opened the door.”

In a statement to ChurchLeaders, Foster described the event as “an excellent opportunity to tell women about the redemption and new life all can have through the person and work of Jesus Christ.”

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Of the 13 featured speakers at “Make Women Great Again,” 10 are men.