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‘Make Women Great Again’ Event To Feature ‘Dear Brian’ Pastor

The media attention surrounding Sauvé’s now infamous tweet was likely a contributing factor in his being asked to speak at “Make Women Great Again.”

The conference is one of three complementary events that 21 Studios will put on from October 14 to 17 in what they are calling “21Summit.” One event is the “Make Men Alpha Again” conference. The other is an event geared specifically toward fathers called “The 21 Convention: Patriarch Edition.” 

Pricing for the in-person events is the same as “Make Women Great Again,” with the “Make Men Alpha Again” conference adding an online streaming option for $349. 

“Now that men are weak—most men are weak and beta—how do you get past this? How do you overcome this? How do you be a real man,” asks Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson in a trailer for 21Summit.

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Featured alongside Sauvé at the “Make Women Great Again” conference will be Ohio pastor Michael Foster. Foster, who has been involved in previous 21 Studios events, has been known to make controversial statements of his own, particularly with regard to his view of “biblical” gender roles. 

“Patriarchy is inevitable,” tweeted Foster on May 29, a line he has often used. “It’s built into the fabric of the cosmos by God. You can [as] soon smash it as you can smash gravity. The only question is what sort [of] men will rule and the shape their reign will take. Will it be an evil patriarchy or a godly patriarchy?”

A photoshopped image with Foster’s head superimposed on the body of Thanos has often circulated online, a nod to the “Avenger’s: Endgame” villain who referred to himself as “inevitable” throughout the film. 

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Anthony Dream Johnson, founder of “Make Women Great Again” and leader within 21 Studios, has embraced the image, featuring it on the “Make Women Great Again” website.