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‘Credible’ Charges Against His Pastor Surprise, Sadden Scot McKnight

Investigators point to “a wide range of inappropriate conduct” by Greener. Subheads in the report mention “increasing blurring of professional and personal boundaries over time,” “inappropriate and hurtful comments,” “emotional intimacy and sexual harassment,” and “concerns related to the consumption of alcohol.” Interviewees described how Greener “used his power to discredit, shame, and marginalize those who confronted or resisted him.”

Hunter notes that Greener “forfeited his license in C4SO” and is now accountable to an archbishop in Rwanda, where he is “canonically resident.” The website ALivingText.com asks: “C4SO should be commended for moving so fast on this, but why is Greener not being defrocked? Why is he still clergy? Why is it ok for him to serve under the aegis of Rwanda?”

According to the report, during the investigation Greener “spoke of his desire to be real and authentic and avoid becoming a pastor ‘that’s always on the pedestal and everybody’s looking at.’ He spoke of his desire to be a pastor who encourages vulnerability and creates a sense of belonging.” Greener added that “he is unaware of anyone who experienced his openness and vulnerability in a negative way,” the report states, “but that it could be a possibility.”