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Douglas Wilson Responds to a Video by John Piper’s ‘Not Desiring God’ Son

Disagreeing with Piper’s statement, Wilson said, “If you get your standard from ultimate reality, that ultimate reality is not the middleman.”

“Either there is an objective basis for truth, an objective basis for morality, an objective basis for the standard—or there isn’t,” Wilson stated. “If there isn’t an objective basis for any of that stuff, then why is Abraham so indignant with us? We’re all just flotsam on this on the sea of existence. Why is one little bit of flotsam upset with another bit of flotsam?”

Wilson then pointed out, “But if there’s a standard, then there’s a place for indignation. There’s a place for rebuke. There’s a place for anger. There’s a place for judgment. He’s making judgments as though he has a standard, but he says he doesn’t have a standard. So when’s the judgment?”

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“You can call it God, but even if God’s real, it doesn’t come from God,” Piper said, expanding on his belief that God does not provide the standard for morality.

“Even if God’s real and gave it to me, that doesn’t mean God gave it to me,” Wilson said, echoing Piper’s words and chuckling.

Piper stated his belief that morals come from the individual, not anyone else, saying, “It comes from what you think, and you can say that it’s what you think about what God says, but that’s just God being a middleman.”

The influencer, who has over 1.7 million followers on TikTok (almost twice as many followers than his father has on Twitter) and over 35 million likes, came to the realization that what he was saying probably didn’t make any sense to his audience.

“I didn’t really plan this out before I came out to the porch,” Piper said, suggesting another video might be needed to further explain his reasoning.

“That’s a good idea,” Wilson said to conclude his video.